Mini-Jector Model #55-1E

● 230V single and three phase  phase power options
● 7/8” diameter reciprocating screw with 2.5:1 ratio and flame hardened flights
● Nitralloy screw barrel
● Sliding ring shut off tip with “non-drool” shut-off nozzle
● Drive screw powered by Mitsubishi Servo with 25:1 Shimpo Gearbox
● Twin injection screws powered by Mitsubishi Servo with 15:1 Gearbox
● Carriage screw powered by Mitsubishi Servo with 81:1 Gearbox
● Mitsubishi MR-J3 B series servo amplifiers

Heating System

● One nozzle heater
● Two barrel heaters
● Four channel analog temperature control with solid state relay output

Control System

● Mitsubishi  Series PLC control
● Mitsubishi Color Touch Screen
● 5 step programmable injection profile
● On-screen position & velocity trending of injection
● Force and Temperature monitoring
● Data selectable English or Metric units
● Velocity is held within 0.02% 
● Position is held within 0.001”

Additional Features

● Aluminum material hopper with shut off and dump tube
● Moving parts shielded by Lexan guarding
● Heat shield on barrel
● Integral hopper tube and bearing chiller system