Minimal Operating Requirements

  • Model #45: 2 HP air compressor and 115V household power outlet
  • Model #50/55: 230V single-phase power (same as used on kitchen range or dryer)
PF Mini-Jector Machines

Lower Cost and Quicker Tooling

  • Can be producing parts before tooling for a big machine would even be off the drawing board!
  • A typical “V” mold (with sprues, runners, and cavities) costs less than a small commercial mold blank
  • Production runs as small as 100 pieces become economical
  • Our simple design concept is suitable as a manual injection molding machine or as part of an automated process


  • Economical solution for insert molding and loose-core molding (examples shown to right)
  • Insert or loose-core can be placed in the mold, the two halves assembled, and the entire mold may be held in the operator’s hand
  • This permits molding around fragile inserts that could not be molded in high-tonnage machines

Special Projects

  • Miniature Plastic Molding has produced a number of special variations on the standard Mini-Jector machine for unique customer applications

Examples of insert molding and overmolding.