Mini-Jector Model #55P

Mini-Jector Model #55P

  • Reciprocating Screw Design
  • HMI with diagnostic capability
  • Control system programmed for manual or semi-automatic operation

The 55 “P” version varies from a standard benchtop model 55 as we add a linear potentiometer that monitors the position of the screw. This allows the shot size to be set in the Siemens PLC. We also add a transducer to feedback hydraulic pressure so that we can display pressure on the Siemens Touch Screen. This small injection molding machine has a proportional relief valve. The advantage is that this allows pressures to be set on the Siemens touch screen and sets up the ability to have different pressures during the molding and recovery cycles. We also have added a “pack” stage to the injection part of the mold cycle that is typically used to fill the last 5 – 10% of the mold cavity. With the Siemens PLC controlling both the temperature and pressure on the “P” version we also have a recipe system that allows these setting to be saved and referenced to your mold and polymer type.

This machine is ideal for low cost injection molding with easy setup, low cost (for low volume tooling), and the foot print advantage of a benchtop injection molding machine.

Heating System

  • One nozzle heater
  • Two barrel heaters

Hydraulic System

  • Twin injection cylinders
  • One carriage cylinder
  • Self contained hydraulic power unit features:
  • 5.4 gallon reservoir
  • 1725 RPM motor with 2 HP
  • 2.0 GPM gear pump immersed in the reservoir

Control System

  • Siemens PLC/HMI
    • Recipes
    • Packing Mode
    • Purge Cycle
  • Directional and control valves with plug-in connectors that control:
    • Screw speed
    • Injection speed
    • Screw back pressure read on oil filled gage
  • Manual and semi-automatic modes
  • Motor starter with thermal overloads and emergency stop button
  • Selectable de-compression feature
  • Carriage speed

Additional Features

  • Aluminum material hopper with shut off and dump tube
  • Moving parts covered by safety shroud
  • Heat shield on barrel
  • Greaseless bushings used in screw unit mechanism
  • Provision for cooling feed throat