Mini-Jector Model #55

Mini-Jector Model #55

  • Aluminum material hopper with dump tube and shut off
  • Automatic self compensating feed system
  • HMI with diagnostic capability
  • Control system programmed for manual or semi-automatic operation
  • All moving parts covered by safety shroud

Heating System

  • One nozzle heater
  • Two barrel heaters

Hydraulic System

  • Twin injection cylinders
  • One carriage cylinder
  • Self contained hydraulic power unit features:
  • 5.4 gallon reservoir
  • 1725 RPM motor with 2 HP
  • 2.0 GPM gear pump immersed in the reservoir

Control System

  • Siemens PLC/HMI
  • Directional and control valves with plug-in connectors that control:
  • Screw speed
  • Injection pressure
  • Injection speed
  • Screw back pressure read on oil filled gage
  • Manual and semi-automatic modes
  • Motor starter with thermal overloads and emergency stop button
  • Vernier adjustment for shot size
  • Selectable 1/4” de-compression feature

Additional Features

  • Aluminum material hopper with shut off and dump tube
  • Moving parts covered by safety shroud
  • Heat shield on barrel
  • Greaseless bushings used in screw unit mechanism
  • Provision for cooling feed throat